Volunteers needed for Derbyshire snow patrol
Friday 9th September 2016 @ 11:45 by Adam Higgins

Derbyshire County Council are on the look out for volunteers to help keep paths clear and safe during the winter months.

Town and parish councils are being encouraged to rally residents to help clear snow and ice in their local area when the cold weather hits.

Preparations for snowfall are well underway and the county council wants to hear from local communities willing to help keep Derbyshire on the move and keep local residents safe.

People who are interested in helping out should sign up to the Snow Warden Scheme by Friday, 30 September.

Last year, 77 town and parish councils took part with volunteers offering to clear snow and ice from pavements and footpaths or by providing information to the county council on local conditions.

Snow wardens get involved in:

• helping to deal with snow and ice between October 2016 and April 2017
• reporting local conditions through the county council’s website
• reporting situations that affect vulnerable residents
• co-ordinating volunteers to clear snow and distribute grit
• reporting empty grit bins.

For helping out, each town or parish gets a free delivery of up to a tonne of bagged grit, training and advice on how to clear snow and ice safely and specialist weather reports.

Last year, staff at 66 schools countywide also volunteered to clear snow from outside school gates to help make it safer for students to get inside school grounds.

Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure Councillor Dean Collins, said: “When it’s still warmer weather it’s difficult to think about preparing for winter but the weather can change quickly and we have to plan well in advance to make sure we’re not caught off guard.”

“We’ve been running our Snow Warden Scheme successfully now for around five years and appreciate the commitment that the town and parish councils and their residents provide in helping to keep their local communities safe and on the move.”

For more information about the Snow Warden Scheme, go to www.derbyshire.gov.uk/snow or call 01629 538074.