Perversion… it’s a family affair… but father escapes prison
Tuesday 27th September 2016 @ 13:49 by Nigel P.
Gary Ellins

Gary Ellins 45 -year-old teacher convicted at Minshull Street Crown Court in August on charges of Voyeurisn and making indecent images. Incredibly the Marple Bridge teacher’s father Jerry was also convicted and sentenced at the same court yesterday for downloading indecent images from the internet

Jerry Ellins the 67-year-old father of a pervert teacher Garry Ellins recently jailed for making indecent images of pupils at the Mossley primary school where he taught, has also been found guilty of sex charges.

Jerry Ellins a former Royal Navy Submariner was originally warned by his internet provider BT for downloading indecent images of children.
Police later followed up the warning by investigating Ellins Senior’s behaviour and during a search of the family home in Marple Bridge, police stumbled across paedophile video material that belonged to Jerry’s son Gary, a primary school teacher.
The sickening find included pictures of young girls at his school that he had taken while they were undressing for PE.
Some of the children in 45-year-old son Gary’s collection were said to be as young as eight-years-old, which his trial was told in August this year was used for his personal sexual gratification.
Ellins Junior was told by judge Martin Rudland that he had shown a “breathtaking breach of trust” it was also revealed in court that Ellins Junior had never held down a proper long term mature relationship
He was jailed for what amounted to twelve months, receiving two eight month sentences to run concurrently in respect of the voyeurism and four months for making indecent images, which will run consecutively meaning that Ellins Junior can expect to actually serve six months in prison.
He will be required to sign on the sexual offenders register for 10 years
Meanwhile yesterday Minshull Crown in Manchester heard that Ellins Sr, the father of former teacher Gary Ellins, previously pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing indecent images of children, unrelated to his son’s convictions.
Prosecuting, Adam Lodge said that Ellins Sr had initially claimed the images related to adults aged 18 to 20, but later admitted they were of children, with some as young as four, ranging to the age of 12. He had 295 category A images, the worst category, with 262 category B and 437 category C images.
Defence Counsel for Ellins Sr, Peter Malone said:”Despite pleading guilty to the offences his wife was sticking by him adding: “It’s hoped that he can return to the family home and live with his wife, who has supported him throughout this.”
The court also heard that like his son before him Ellins Sr had sought professional help in dealing with his attraction to younger children
Mr Malone added: “Doing that course has hopefully helped him learn various ways to challenge and channel his behaviour.”
Addressing Ellins Sr, Judge Leslie Hull said: “It’s a great tragedy for all concerned that you are standing where you are standing.
“You hitherto led a better than blameless life and you have served your country and here you are facing offences as vile as this.”
Ellins Sr must complete a 12-month community order, sign the sex offenders’ register for seven years and pay £340 in costs.