Firefighters tackle simulated rescue in Glossop
Friday 9th September 2016 @ 15:42 by Adam Higgins

Firefighters from three stations tackled a simulated rescue from a crane which towered over Glossop.

The action was part of an exercise planned by Glossop Blue Watch manager Simon Booth to give crews training in high rise rescue.

But it looked realistic enough for the Friday afternoon crowds, who watched a fleet of fire engines race to the homes development site in Chapel Street.

They watched as the firefighters from Glossop, Buxton and Matlock got rigged out to prepare to rescue the blue boiler suited casualty.

They climbed to various heights, up to 25 metres, to bring the stricken ‘man’ to safety.

It was a dummy planted earlier, but to the crews it was a real live person in need of split second help.

As in a real life and death situation, time was critical and the casualty’s condition had to be assessed before being lowered to safety.

The hour long operation was in three parts and from three levels. Glossop Watch paved the way, followed by Buxton. The third rescue was more complicated, involving a specialist from Matlock who abseiled from the side of the crane with the casualty.