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Listen Dedicated Dennis Cooks Up Aces Miniature Model Replica In His Kitchen
Monday 12th September 2016 @ 15:31 by Lee Wild
Ashton Audio News Sports

A lifelong Belle Vue Aces fan has honoured the clubs most famous home, by building a replica model of it in his Kitchen.

LISTEN: Extended interview with Dennis about his model and the history of the Belle Vue Aces.

Dennis Scott, 68, from Ashton has spent 18 months and over 600 hours constructing the old Hyde Road stadium.

The model is incredibly detailed, including details such as the referee’s box, old supporters club, and even working starting gates!

The referee's box

The referee’s box

It’s been a project of passion for Dennis, who has been a fan of the world famous speedway team for over 50 years, taking in his first meeting as a 15-year-old in 1963.

He said it’s not been easy going building such a complicated structure: “sometimes I’d mess things up, scrike over it, sulk over it and give it up for a few days and then come up with some other idea that would work so that’s why it’s taken that long.”

The main grandstand of Dennis's model

The main grandstand of Dennis’s model

Much of the model has been planned from David’s memories of the 25 years he spent at the famous stadium, however he also checked details on old DVD’s, tapes and photographs.

“I say I’ve finished it, then I look at my tapes and I find something else like the flags that the starting marshal used and things like that. I’ve carried on doing it and there are still things, like the ice cream van I’ve bought to add to it. It’s an on-going thing really.”

The entrance to the old Hyde Road, re-constructed by Dennis.

The entrance to the old Hyde Road, re-constructed by Dennis.

Memories of the world famous Hyde Road still shine bright in Dennis’s mind. He says the colours, the noise and the smell all added to the excitement.

“You didn’t have a good night unless you came home covered in shale. My mother would play ‘eck because my shirt collar was black.”

The famous Hyde Road circuit, lovingly re-created on Dennis's Kitchen Table

The famous Hyde Road circuit, lovingly re-created on Dennis’s Kitchen Table

Dennis remembers the closure of the 382 metre circuit in 1987:

“It was open; they’d started demolishing the stands.

“The safety fence had been flattened in a lot of places and if I could’ve got some mates round I’m sure we’d have dragged some panels 7 miles back home, but I made do with the gents’ sign that was hung up in the stand-up toilets behind the back straight stand which I always used to visit between races.

The view from outside the grandstand of Dennis's model of Hyde Road.

The view from outside the grandstand of Dennis’s model of Hyde Road.

“I did go to try and get some shale to put in a vase or a box for my garden, I took a bag and my trowel and tried to dig some up but it had frozen. I threw my bag down and had a walk round the track.

“I went round and I made my way up to the referee’s box, I wish I’d have brought my camera because it was a smashing view.

“I was almost scriking when I left, it was in such a sad state and we knew that it could’ve been the end of Belle Vue Speedway.”

Dennis, with his vintage JAWA speedway bike

Dennis, with his vintage JAP speedway bike and gents sign from the old stadium.

With the brilliant new facilities of the National Speedway Stadium now playing host to the longest running speedway club, things are looking up for speedway in Manchester, following a few years languishing near the bottom of the table.

During the planning stages of the new facility, Belle Vue Chief Operations Officer and former rider Chris Morton MBE, was keen to mirror the fast and wide circuit of the old Hyde Road

Dennis says they’ve done quite a good job in re-creating the shape that saw such fantastic racing:
“The straights are similar because they’ve always had that bend in the straight which they’ve always said lets the riders drift out rather than coming up on a straight fence.

Dennis's model shows off the wide corners of the old Hyde Road stadium

Dennis’s model shows off the wide corners of the old Hyde Road stadium

“The banking is perhaps a little bit more that at the new stadium than Hyde road, but your extra yardage is on the two corners. You’ve probably got another 25 yards that gives it wider bends than at the greyhounds.

“It lets the riders just keep going round and round rather than having to turn tight and put the brakes on sort of thing.

“Its miles better!”

With the Belle Vue Aces now set to make the 2016 Elite League Play-offs, the future looks bright for speedway’s most famous team.