Petrol station blast in thieves quest for cash
Thursday 22nd September 2016 @ 13:50 by Nigel P.
News Stalybridge




The Gulf petrol station forecourt in Copley was left littered with debris this morning, as thieves blew up the cash machine in order to steal thousands of pounds in cash.

Police say they were called out at 3 .54 am this morning to reports of the explosion only to find the thieves had fled.

The garage forecourt was cordoned off for several hours while forensic teams sifted for clues among the wreckage.

A female resident living opposite the garage on Huddersfield Road, said: ” We were all woken out of our beds as the force of the blast literally shook the houses.”

It is believed the main garage building escaped serious damage as the cash machine was located outside the building to the side.

Police would not confirm if any money had been stolen and would only say they had sent parts of the machine components away for examination to discover if money had been taken and if so how much.

The attack comes after a spate of similar attacks across the country including  several across Manchester.

Thieves are believed to release a flammable gas including oxygen or butane into the machine before detonating an explosion to give them access to the machines cash boxes.

Often thieves use too much gas and cause a bigger explosion than required causing extensive damage to surrounding property.

The garage was said to be vulnerable to attack as it is closed during the early hours of the morning.