Back from the dead
Thursday 29th September 2016 @ 07:00 by Nigel Skinner
Ashton News

Retired Tameside teacher Carol Evans has thanked her ‘Guardian Angels’ for saving her life and bringing her back ‘from the very verge of death’.

The 70-year-old had essentially ‘died’ when she arrived at Tameside Hospital, but contacted The Tameside Reporter and Glossop Chronicle this week to thank the ‘miracle’ team who came to her rescue.

Carol had become seriously ill in the early hours of one morning and having undergone a quadruple heart bypass in the past, knew time was essential.

“I ‘phoned my son Daniel who came round. He had only got back from holiday the day before… if he had still been away I would not be here now,” she said.

Dan and his partner Anna immediately dialled 999 and in minutes three paramedics arrived to help Carol.

She says she could hear what they were saying, but scarily could not see them.

But before slipping “into oblivion” Carol knew they were fighting to keep her alive. She said she was essentially “dead on arrival at Tameside Hospital”.

But ‘as if by a miracle’ adds Carol, her own cardiologist Dr Abraheem was in the theatre upon her arrival.

“He and his dedicated team saved me and brought me back to the land of the living once more,” says Carol.

Her illness was diagnosed as ‘heart block’ but she is now recovering well from the illness that almost took her life on August 19 this year.

She is thanking the people whose quick actions and skill and a refusal to give up, means she’s alive to tell the tale.

Carol, who lives in Charlesworth, and her family say they are eternally grateful to Dr Abraheem and his team, plus those who raced to her rescue to make sure she got to the hospital.

“To say thank you appears to be inadequate, but from the bottom of my now ‘pacemaker heart’ I am so very glad to be alive and blessed and it’s all down to the wonderful team who gave me a second chance,” says Carol.

Read the full story and Carol’s letter of heartfelt thanks in this week’s Tameside Reporter and Glossop Chronicle.