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Ashton primary school receives glowing OFSTED report
Thursday 29th September 2016 @ 20:39 by Adam Higgins
Ashton News

An Ashton primary school is celebrating after receiving a glowing report from OFSTED Inspectors.

The inspection, which was completed just before the summer holidays, praised the staff of Our Lady of Mount Carmel RDC Primary School.

The report said: “The school is poised to embark on a new chapter after a period of sadness and change that it has experienced over the last two years, especially following the news of the tragic death of previous long-standing headteacher.”

In the months following the school continued under two assistant headteachers ably supported by a former head teacher who was a governor at the school.  After this, the Diocese then appointed executive head teacher, Helen Hayes.

With the new structure in place the school was complimented on its warm welcome.

The report noted: “The school continues to be friendly and welcoming to all – pupils, staff, governors and visitors.

“Good relationships, underpinned by a strong sense of caring and respect for one another, enable pupils to thrive, including those who join the school part-way through their primary education.”

OFSTED was also keen to point out the link between British Values and a strong Christian ethos at the school.

“A marriage of the school’s strong Christian ethos and promotion of British values through ‘the five Ws (welcome, welfare, witness, word and worship)’ helps to equip pupils with the knowledge and personal attributes they need to flourish in their future lives.”

The report delighted the executive head, but as Mrs Hayes explained there has been a lot of hard work over the years to make sure that the school was ready for the ‘call’ from OFSTED.

“You need to make sure your senior leadership team is aware of areas for development and that they are all on board.

“They see the strategic vision for the school and everybody understands where the school needs to move onto to be the best it possibly can be.”

The school has a great history for doing well in sport and giving the children access to all aspects of learning was seen as a key factor in the children’s progress and well-being, showing that it isn’t all about English and Maths.

With the latest report now being made public, Mrs Hayes is keen to make sure the school continues to move forward.

“We’ve got clear areas for development so we are able to put together a professional development programme for staff so by the time they come back in three to four years we’ve met those areas they’ve suggested and pointed out to us.

“It’s all about empowering the staff and keeping things moving, keeping things vibrant not letting anyone coast – it’s got to be the best it can be.”

By Matt Hewitt