Patient’s Champion pans Kidney Units sell off.
Tuesday 30th August 2016 @ 10:49 by Nigel P.


Dr Chand

News of the prospective privatisation of Tameside Hospital’s renal unit has not drawn approval from local health watchdog chair, Dr Kailash Chand

A leading NHS campaigner, Dr. Chand responded critically to news that the renal unit at Tameside Hospital could be privatised.
The local Chair of Healthwatch said: “By and large for the general public, who provides the service is less important than the quality and efficiency of the care that is provided.
While praising the renal unit which has won four gold stars in consecutive years for excellence, the doctor questioned, the reasons behind the change saying:“The renal unit in Tameside run by MRI, an NHS institution, has been doing a superb job.
“The valid question is why we want to pass this on to private sector?The former Ashton GP raises the issue of priority of profit before patients interests as the criteria for private companies he said: “Personally, for me, the worry is that for private providers ,their loyalty is to its share holders and the prime motive is to make profit, rather than patient care.
The doctor worries that latest policy move that put various specialist units across the country out for tender, is privatisation by the backdoor saying:“For last several years the NHS is increasingly being used just as a logo; a most cherished institution reduced from being the main provider of health services in England with one of the biggest workforces in the world, to a US-style insurance scheme, divorced from the delivery of care.
“The NHS is becoming NHS plc, increasingly drawing on public funds to line the pockets of wealthy venture capitalists or multinationals.
“The renal unit in Tameside is one of the best, providing quality care to its population.
And the doctor believes that the process of partial privatisation is being politically driven by the current government’s thinking rather than just a specific need to save money.
“Passing this on to private sector is ideologically driven and there can be no other explanation.” he argued.