Tameside jobs cheer tempered by youth figures.
Wednesday 24th August 2016 @ 14:53 by Nigel P.
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Employment figures emerging across Tameside in the past month give rise for ever more optimism and are generally in line with the boyant national picture.
Jobless claiming benefit were down 180 on last month’s total now standing at 3685 out of work and claiming benefits across Tameside.
The managers of Tameside’s job centres, report they are generally delighted with the good news coming out of the latest employment figures in the borough, though youth unemployment remains a concern.
The data shows an increase in people in employment across the Borough with 102, 800 people in work across the nine towns, which equates to 71 .2% of the adult population of Tameside.
There are currently reported to be many job vacancies in Tameside, especially in the care industry and food packaging and production with manufacturing  even said to be making a modest comeback with over 100 newly created jobs in the textile industry

This follows the lead from German company Culimeta Saveguard that have started up new cotton production at Dukenfield’s Tower Mill
However on a disappointing and perhaps worrying note there are 905 young adults between the ages of 18 -24 Not in Employment, Education or Training. NEETS for short.
This represents 24% of the unemployed figure set against a national average of only 5%.
There are currently schemes in place with Tameside Council to remedy the situation with a payment subsidy coming from the Council to small business who employ NEETS and provide training.
Priority areas that are being given special attention to improve the employment prospects for youngsters include Droylsden East,Hattersley and Ashton Saint Peters.
These are all areas with both high crime rates and coincidentally high levels of youth unemployment, though there is no specific suggestion to say that the two are linked.
However unemployment amongst the young and high crime have been linked in past studies.

The Jobs Pledge scheme offers business grants to all employers in the area subsidising the wages of young apprentices  in return for training and mentoring.

The scheme has incorporated business as diverse as car maintenance garages to industrial engineering firms with several trainees being taken on permanently.