Helicopter Crash at Woodhead; No Serious Injuries
Friday 5th August 2016 @ 17:00 by Tom Greggan

A private helicopter has crashed into a hill on Woodhead this afternoon.

Four people were travelling on board but luckily nobody suffered any serious injuries.


Alan Horsfield, a Stalybridge firefighter who sent in these pictures, saw the crash. He said: “I was up there visiting my best mate who owns the boar shoot. I was just getting my kid out of the car when I noticed the helicopter. I see them all the time up there but this one was flying really low. It couldn’t have been more than 30 feet above the car.

“The helicopter then went down a banking and I saw the soil go everywhere from the propellors.”

Alan, who also owns a fire extinguisher close to the scene, ran to get two foam extinguisher and.


“The pilot had managed to isolate everything so there was no leaking fuel but we had to help one of the passengers get out of the helicopter. I’d say the pilot did really well to get the helicopter down away from where the cars were parked because there was children in the area too.”

It’s thought the four passengers were travelling¬†from Sheffield en route to Chatsworth before the helicopter crashed.

“They were going for a nice meal but ended up with bacon butties in the cabin instead!” Alan said.