Who Would Be So Cruel?
Wednesday 6th July 2016 @ 16:32 by Lee Wild
Dukinfield News

A family is in shock after they found their cat dead in gruesome circumstances in Dukinfield Park.

Loving pet Socks, who belonged to Claire Collins, 28, and her partner, was found decapitated and with its tail cut off on Monday morning.

The adorable pet had also been partially skinned in the truly horrific attack.

Socks was only identifiable by her microchip.

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Claire made the terrible discovery herself when she went to look for Socks when she had failed to come home.

She took her pet’s remains to her vet Gavin McCoubrey at Tameside Vet Clinic in Ashton, who had treated Socks only a week previously.

He described the attack as the most “horrific” he had ever seen in his career.

“I’ve been qualified as a vet for 20 years and have worked for the RSPCA.” He said

“I’ve seen a lot but I’ve never seen anything on this scale.”

He also ruled out any notion that Socks had been attacked by a fox or another animal, saying that the incision was too clean.


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“There’s no way this could have been done by an animal, the cuts were too precise” he added.

Claire said: “She used to go out quite a lot but never stayed out a long time.

“Sometimes she stays out overnight. I got up in the morning and went to look for her, we live on a main road and I thought she might have been run over.”

Tragically Claire discovered Sock’s mutilated remains in Dukinfield park, close to where she and her partner live.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that they have been made aware of the incident.

But Claire is also warning local pet owners to be extra vigilant.



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