Butterfly Memory Release tops Willow Wood Summer Fete
Friday 22nd July 2016 @ 09:05 by Adam Higgins

Magical, wonderful, emotional – just a few of the words heard at the Willow Wood Butterfly Memory Release last Saturday.

Three hundred Painted Lady butterflies flew into the colourful gardens at the Ashton-based Hospice, each one dedicated to the memory of a loved one.

With a moving choral accompaniment of “Flying Free” sung by Willow Wood’s own choir, each butterfly gradually stretched its lovely wings before flying over the heads of the many hundreds of people gathered for the ceremony and into the flowers.

This was the first butterfly dedication event held at Willow Wood; indeed, the first in the Greater Manchester area, but judging by the response of those taking part it will certainly not be the last.

Comments ranged from: “I felt my gran was smiling down at me” to a rather tearful “Thank You”.

The ceremony was conducted by Eddie Inglis, Hospice Chaplain, who gave a moving address before all those gathered together opened the beautifully designed boxes to set free the Painted Ladies.

It is hoped some of the butterflies will lay their eggs in the gardens so that they and their descendants will stay for the Summer.

The Butterfly Memory Release was the high point of a very successful Summer Fete.

With 18 stalls there was something for everyone – goods ranging from handmade cards and jewellery, to cushions and bunting, to bags and scarves, to baby clothes and more.

Willow Wood Hospice would like to thank everyone who helped with the fete and everyone who dedicated a butterfly and made the day such a magical occasion.