Tony Lloyd visits Ashton’s New Charter housing site
Thursday 16th June 2016 @ 10:39 by Adam Higgins
Ashton News

The interim Mayor of Greater Manchester and Police and Crime Commissioner visited New Charter last week to view the work the social housing company has done and is doing in the borough.

Tony Lloyd, along with local MP Angela Rayner, was given a tour of New Charter’s Buttermere housing development building site in Ashton and was taken round to view other developments that are now completed and housing families.

Joining him was the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner John Battle; New Charter director of property services John Ardern; New Charter director of corporate finance Craig Garner and New Charter communications specialist Adam Robertshaw.

During the tour, Tony and Angela discussed a variety of topics with New Charter’s representatives including apprenticeships and renewable energy but the main topic of conversation was affordable housing, especially in the rental market.

Outlining his housing priorities as he looks to earn the Labour nomination for the Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections, Tony said: “Housing priority for me is a very simple thing. It’s about making sure that when we talk about affordable homes, it’s homes that people really can afford and they’re built relative to the income that people have got.

“We’ve got to double the number of home starts taking place across Greater Manchester. That’s a big challenge, but it’s a good challenge if we can do it because it’s new homes. It is also creating a huge number of jobs in skilled trades.

“That means money in people’s pockets and that money circulates around Tameside and Greater Manchester; it’s win-win all round.

“What we need is central Government to be proper partners with us and that’s a conversation we’ll be having very loudly with Mr Osborne and this present government.”

As well as housing, Tony listed transport and investment in skills for young people as his top
priorities for the borough.

Angela Rayner explained why she is backing Tony Lloyd to be Labour’s nomination for next
year’s mayoral elections.

She said: “Tony doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He genuinely has done that. He rolls his sleeves up.

“Tony doesn’t blow his own trumpet, he’s a quiet guy but he’s a mighty guy in the way he gets things done, we can learn a lot from.

“It’s not always about shouting and being the most precarious person in the room, which I usually am! It’s about being more measured, knowing where to go to get the right information and working with all stakeholders to get the best deal for the area.

“Tony has definitely been delivering that for us in Tameside.”


By Tom Greggan