Hadfield girl helps save her mum’s life
Monday 27th June 2016 @ 15:56 by Adam Higgins

A brave Hadfield girl knew just what to do when her mum blacked out and fell to the floor.

Young Tiarmis Doodson-White remembered a St Johns Ambulance DVD she had seen at school.

Within seconds the Hadfield Infants’ pupil was making the first of a series of emergency calls.

With proud mum Natalie looking on, Tiarmis said: “I rang 999 and said can you come, my mummy is unconscious.”

The drama began when Natalie, 29, began to feel dizzy with a headache as she came home from work.

She said: “I carried on to pick Tiarmis home from school. We walked though the door and decided on having a shower to warm us up.

“I came out of the shower first and blacked out on the landing with just a towel wrapped around me.”

Natalie can’t remember much of what happened next, but she knows that seven-year-old Tiarmis helped her.

“She was a little gem,” said Natalie, who blames low sugar for her blackout. “She did so well, she put me in the recovery position, rang her daddy at work and asked him to come around and then called her nana to ask her to come around as soon as possible.”

Tiarmis’ final call was the one that mattered the most, dialling 999 and asking for an ambulance.

Clearly and concisely she gave the call handler her address and explained what had happened.

She then went into the front garden of the family home on Green Lane to wait for the paramedics to arrive.

Natalie added: “A neighbour came and asked if she was OK, Tiarmis explained what had happened and she came in quickly to see if I was alright.”

A week after the incident and Natalie still feels poorly, but her daughter is continuing to look after her.

Describing Tiarmis as ‘amazing’, she said: “I am very proud of her and Hadfield Infants for teaching the children this.”

Head teacher Alison Barnes told the Chronicle: “We showed the children a St John Ambulance DVD, this shows they had taken things in.

“We are really proud of her. For a young child what she did was remarkable.”


By David Jones