Glossopdale food bank Bare Necessities low on supplies
Monday 23rd May 2016 @ 14:30 by Adam Higgins

Shelves at Glossopdale food bank Bare Necessities are running low on supplies.

A spokesman told the Chronicle: “Stocks are getting extremely low and a desperate plea has now been made for donations to help ensure that people do not go hungry.

“We would like to ask our local community once again to help us restock our food bank so we can continue to provide for those in financial crisis.”

The food bank received generous donations around Christmas, however, demand for the service has not dropped and more food is needed.

Around 70 people receive emergency food from the food bank each month.

As a result of the tremendous response to Bare Necessities’ request for donations over Christmas, the food bank was able to sustain its usual level of support over winter but stocks are now running desperately low.

The food most needed are tinned soup, tinned vegetables, sweetcorn, tinned potatoes, custard, rice pudding, cereal, long life milk, pasta, pasta sauces, tinned fish, meats of all kind, spaghetti and baked beans.

Food can be dropped into donation baskets at Glossop and Hadfield Tesco’s, Glossop Co-op and Glossop Netto, as well as any of the children centres and local schools.