Friday 1st April 2016 @ 06:00 by Nigel Skinner


Scandinavian discounter Netto brings ancient Viking skincare tradition to the UK that’ll have you trawling through the Netto aisles.

Netto, the Scandinavian discounter, which has a branch in Glossop, is launching its newly developed Premieur Pickled Herring Face Mask, which promises to preserve the youth of your skin and keep it radiant looking for months.

The face mask has been developed based on ancient Viking traditions, but also takes inspiration from the latest ancient Korean skincare craze of using fermented food elements, such as Kimchi, on the skin.

Netto UK’s technical manager, Nigel Tong, comments: “Everyone is going totes cray over the ancient fermented skincare traditions in Korea, but what people don’t talk about outside of Scandinavia are the benefits of pickled herring on our skin.

“The Scandinavians are known for their youthful looks and it’s down to the fact that they don’t flounder around with their skincare routine. At Netto, we listen to the consumer and what we’ve been herring is that people feel that they’ve ended up in a bit of a beauty pickle. We just cod not ignore the voice of the people and decided to bring this miracle skincare line to the UK.”

Each pack of Premieur Pickled Herring Face Mask contains just pieces of pickled herring and comes with fish bone tweezers for easy application. It is priced at just £5 and lasts ‘practically forever’ as the product is pickled, and contains no added carp.

If you are fishing for the perfect beauty product – ‘fish-head’ along and ‘Netto’ your face mask today – you’d be an April Fool not to!!