Mayor Helps Launch Veteran’s Breakfast Club
Wednesday 20th April 2016 @ 14:55 by Tom Greggan

A Tameside veterans’ breakfast club was launched at Ashton’s Portland Basin Museum last Saturday.

The Civic Mayor of Tameside, Cllr Vincent Ricci, was among the special guests, along with young representatives from the uniformed services, plus of course veterans themselves.

They were all invited along to enjoy breakfast at the Bridge View Café located next to the museum.

The club, established by Tameside Council, will now meet on the second Saturday of every month at the Bridge View Café. Food has to be bought but tea and coffee will be free.

There are 57 clubs around the world, in places such as Germany, Bosnia, Cyprus and Spain, as well as across the UK.

Breakfast clubs founder Dereck Hardman explained: “If a civilian changes their job, the only significant difference is that they commute to a different place and have new work colleagues.

“They still go home to the same house each evening, associate with the same friends, and probably go out to the same places.

“When you leave the armed forces, you lose a job you were not only trained to do but which you were continually conditioned to do.

“You also lose your income, your home, work clothes, usually around 1,500 friends (who are nearer to being family), and a welfare system tailored to your distinct needs.

“The clubs are made up of veterans who look out for each other.

“They eat breakfast together, indulge in good old military banter, irreverent talk and black humour, and by doing so regain some of what they have lost.”

Cllr Ged Cooney, Tameside Council’s executive member for health, housing and economic growth, said: “The breakfast club fits perfectly with our aspirations to further develop, support and complement Armed Forces Covenant work.

“The covenant focuses on supporting the whole military community, past and present. It’s not about remembrance, it’s about showing our pride in the services and how they are an integral part of our society.”

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