Four heroes honoured for saving biker’s life in Woodhead crash
Thursday 28th April 2016 @ 14:37 by Adam Higgins

A Dutch family burst into song to thank four heroes who saved a biker’s life following a Woodhead horror crash. 

Relatives and friends of Rudy Lisapaly – who lost a leg in the collision – flew over from the Netherlands to attend a ceremony at Derbyshire Police Headquarters which honoured the brave four.

Christie hospital nurse Sarah Tillott, Stuart McKay, Catherine Butler and Shawn Flather received Royal Humane Society certificates of commendation.

Rudy – and his close family and friends – were determined to join in the praise.

The crash, which almost cost Rudy his life, happened on the afternoon of May 22 last year, when his motorbike collided with a car transporter on the pass.

He was on his way to a motorcycle festival in Lincolnshire when the impact, which led to his leg being severed, happened.

Luckily for Rudy, experienced nurse Sarah was one of the four drivers who stopped to help.

She quickly gave instructions to the other three who assisted by applying a tourniquet to Rudy’s leg. As he was struggling to breathe, Sarah and Stuart removed his helmet. All of them helped until emergency services arrived.

In an interview with the Chronicle, Sarah, 37, admitted she tackled the delicate treatment without even the most basic equipment.

She said: “I wasn’t even supposed to be on Woodhead, I was going to test drive a car in Sheffield. I had only been on the road two or three times before.

“I just came round a corner and saw the bike and truck and someone on the ground.

“Rudy had already lost the leg through what is termed traumatic amputation. I was out of my comfort zone. There was no other medical help around and because the Air Ambulance was unable to land, it was 45 minutes before the first responder paramedic arrived.”

Sarah, a nurse for 16 years, praised Catherine, Stuart and Shawn, for the part they played.

She has met Rudy several times since the collision and they have become friends.

Speaking at the presentation,  Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon said: “If it was not for the quick thinking and help that these four members of the public provided, Mr Lisapaly may have lost his life that day. I was proud to present them with this award and hope it goes some way to pay back their kindness.”

Police were also delighted with the family’s song of gratitude.


By David Jones