Busy Weekend for Glossop Mountain Rescue
Tuesday 19th April 2016 @ 14:15 by Tom Greggan

A teenager was rushed to hospital after students on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition hit trouble on snow-lashed Bleaklow Moor.

Glossop Mountain Rescue Team’s Peter Jozefczyk said: “He was suffering from the effects of the cold and low blood sugar.”

Stretchered off the moor, he was taken to a waiting ambulance for treatment at Tameside Hospital.
The casualty was one of 13 pupils – aged between 15-18 from a Doncaster school – who headed for the hills on a sunny Saturday morning. But by late afternoon it started to rain and on the moors above Glossop, heavy snow fell.

The team was called out at around 6.30pm after getting a call from Greater Manchester Police who said there was two lost walkers on Bleaklow.

Peter said: “It turned out that the team was searching for a group of walkers who became lost in difficult weather conditions.

“It (the team), was split up into a number of search parties and tasked up the various paths onto Bleaklow Moor.

“One of our search parties came across a group of six people on Sykes Moor, all were uninjured but suffering the effects of the cold conditions. The team assessed the group and they were able to walk down to Reaps via Torside Clough.”

Moorland Rescue 1

Glossop’s rescuers then realised there was another group lost on the dark moors.

This time it was seven walkers who were said to be at the bottom of the Blacks Cloughs. The team set off through the snow and eventually found them – including the teenager who was suffering from low blood sugar. Six were escorted off the hill and taken to the team’s base on Ellison Street.

On Sunday the team was called to Holme Moss to help Woodhead and Holme Valley rescuers with an injured walker with a suspected broken leg. Due to the difficult terrain, Woodhead had asked Glossop and Holme Valley to help with a stretcher.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance took over to airlift the walker to a land ambulance.

While the Glossop team was on Holme Moss, other Glossop members were at Tintwistle Knarr Quarry when a diabetic man become unconscious while walking. He came around after being treated by a team paramedic.
Peter said: “He was deemed OK but told to go to A and E. It was a busy weekend.”