Apply now to be Hyde Town Crier
Saturday 16th April 2016 @ 14:00 by Nigel Skinner
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Oyez Oyez Oyez!

The hunt is on for Hyde’s very own town crier.

An outgoing person is needed to attend events and shout about how great the town is!

The idea has come from Hyde Community Matters.

Having gained the necessary approval of the borough council, together with Hyde Town Team, they’re forging ahead in their search for the right person.

Hyde Community Matters online editor Roger Bamford said: “Although these days the roll of a town crier is purely symbolic, underneath there’s a serious message.

“Hyde Community Matters is passionate about promoting the town in a unique and sustainable way and we want someone to join us to help with marketing the promoting all the great things that are going on from the many and diverse community groups.

“Therefore, in an attempt to develop an ongoing interesting and vibrant town that the public want to visit and in which our local traders and businesses thrive, Hyde Community Matters are recreating the ancient and traditionally attractive post of town crier.

“As a goodwill ambassador for Hyde, the chosen candidate should be the very embodiment of the town’s culture and as well as announcing local news proclamations, be able to present, with ostentatious delivery, the history of the community that they represent.

“They must also be able to portray the good character of their community in face-to-face interactions and must maintain the respect and high ideals of their office at all times.

“We need someone who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd and who is really proud of Hyde – a uniform and full training will be provided. It will be a voluntary post and we want somebody who can appear at events, such as festivals, which we hold.”

Candidates will be interviewed then given a two-minute audition from the town hall steps opposite the market place.

The Mayor Elect of Tameside (Councillor Philip Fitzpatrick) and MP Jonathan Reynolds, have agreed to help judge the auditions and once a shortlist of candidates has been assembled, along with members of Hyde Community Matters and the Hyde Town Team, a public ‘Shout Off’ will be staged on the Civic Square, where marks will be awarded for style, projection and passion in their search for a new town crier.

Historically, the town crier was a full-time position in many towns, announcing proclamations and other news for their community.

These days, it is largely a ceremonial function, opening major events, introducing dignitaries and generally lending an element of pageantry to the town, not only on special occasions, but regularly.

Hyde intends to create a weekly event at noon every Saturday, with the town crier appearing on the town hall steps to announce birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, proposals and civic announcements.

As well as announcing public events, the town crier will be making themselves commercially available around the town for:

• Heritage events

• Opening fetes

• Church groups

• Charity fundraising functions

• Civic Square events
(Vintage Car Show)

• Mayoral ceremonies

• Sporting events
(Tour of Tameside)

• Corporate events and business openings

• Conferences and large meetings

• Representing Hyde elsewhere in the borough

• Tournaments and competitions

• Parades

• And even ‘selfies’ with the shoppers

These are just a few examples of the huge range of functions that Hyde’s town crier would attend where he/she would, with panache, style and flair, vocally broadcast their pronouncements from a fixed place, to pull in the crowds and the media.

Today, though radio, television, newspapers, the internet and Smartphones can deliver news over vast distances in the blink of an eye, the sight of a traditional town crier on the streets of a town still evokes a great deal of nostalgia, meaning there is still a place in today’s fast-paced world for that wonderful character, the town crier.

To apply for this unique position in the first place please write, providing a few details about yourself, to:

The Judging Panel


C/O 140-144, Market Street Hyde, SK14 1EX

or email: [email protected]