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Beauty Queen’s Final Delight
Monday 7th March 2016 @ 13:36 by Becky Cahill
A Gamesley mum-of-two, who suffers from depression and anxiety, is facing her fears by entering into a plus-size beauty pageant.
Stefanie Dixon, 29, has already fought off stiff competition to be the Derbyshire representative in the final of Ms British Beauty Curve 2016.
She told the Chronicle: “I am doing it for me and girls like me – and boys!
“I suffer with depression and anxiety and after a few bad years I was fed up of saying no to things and not really living my life because I am scared of what-ifs.
“I’m doing it to prove that just because you may not be what society says you should be, you can be happy and you are allowed to just be you.
“Hopefully my two girls can look at me and know it’s OK to be secure in yourself and that you can come through bad times and be happy.”
Stefanie, who is hoping to open community events now that she’s Ms Derbyshire Curve, said: “I attended the Curve Fashion Festival in Manchester and the reigning queens were there.
“They signed people up and took photographs – then you were chosen or not.
 “My family and friends encouraged me to accept my place and I’m glad I did.
“One of my close friends Yvette, the owner of Girls and Curves Closet, is also my sponsor.
“She has really helped me start to accept myself and I wouldn’t have known about any of this or even thought of entering if it wasn’t for her.”
Stefanie is currently looking for sponsorship.
She explained: “I need them, either businesses or personal to help towards fees related to the pageant.”
As well as support from her friend at Girls and Curves Closet on Henry Street, Stefanie has also been backed by Premier Record Fairs and the Glossop Business Network.
She added: “This is a huge, huge thing for me. I am facing all my fears to compete and truly challenge myself.
“A pageant is something I never thought I would do or could do – never mind being in the final.
“As someone who was never a girly girl and spent a long time disliking what I saw, this is a once in a lifetime that I would have been silly to say no to!”
Ms British Beauty Curve 2016 finals will take place in July in Hove.
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