70 Years of Wedded Bliss for Ashton Couple
Monday 14th March 2016 @ 15:38 by Tom Greggan
Ashton News

A couple from Ashton are celebrating an incredible 70 years of marriage as they reached their platinum anniversary last week.

Peter and Vera Shevlin were 18 when they married on the 23rd February 1946 at Christ Church, Ashton.

Vera told the Tameside Reporter how they’d met two years earlier. She said: “We worked at Pattreiouex Cigarette Works when it was there but in different rooms. We actually met each other at Humane Dance Hall. He took me home and then we started going together. We were 16 at the time.”

The pair decided to marry when Peter was called up to the army. Vera continued: “Because we thought he was going abroad we decided we’d get married and then I could save the money until he came home.

“Well he never went, but we still got married! So we were both 18 at the time. We had to have permission of our parents, of course, because we were too young. But they gave us their blessing.”

They were inundated with cards and flowers from their family, including their two children, Peter and Anne, their three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

They also received a card and congratulatory message from Queen Elizabeth.

Sharing the secret of a successful marriage, Vera said: “The only tip I can give is that you’ve got to work together. That’s the main thing. You don’t always agree with one another but you’ve got to give and take.”

Peter, on this occasion, did agree. “You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth,” he said. “You’ve got to fall out and forgive.”