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Six Sentenced in Dom Doyle Murder Case
Monday 29th February 2016 @ 16:56 by Tom Greggan
Denton & Audenshaw News

Six people have been jailed for their role in the murder of Dominic Doyle in Denton last June.

15-year-old Mitchell Ingham and 18-year-old Rikki Linehan have both been jailed after being found guilty of murder.

Mitchell will serve the youth equivalent of a life sentence- detention at Her Majesty’s Pleasure- serving a minimum of 14 years.

Rikki will serve a minimum of 14 years and two months before he is considered for parole.

Colin McDonald has also been jailed for life for his role in Dom’s death.

The 42-year-old was found guilty of manslaughter, wounding and violent disorder earlier this year and will spend a minimum of 15 years in prison before he is considered for parole.

16-year-old Conor Ward has been jailed for three years for manslaughter and violent disorder after the judge said he was ‘immature’ and ‘would have been influenced by the people he was with’.

Liam Seabright, 18, has been jailed for two-and-a-half years for violent disorder.

Diane Ingham, 48, has been jailed for three years for perverting the cause of justice in the case of Dom’s murder.