Siena’s Super Charity Swim
Tuesday 19th January 2016 10:49 Denton & Audenshaw News Posted by Tom Greggan

An eight-year-old girl from Denton has swum 5km without stopping to raise money for charity in memory of her late grandparents.

Siena Oxby swam 200 lengths of Active Denton’s 25m pool without putting her feet down once, raising £180 for Barnardo’s.

It took Siena three hours to complete the swim and her delighted mother, Antonietta, said: “I am extremely proud of Siena, she did fantastically.

“It was emotional watching this little girl, my daughter, take on such an enormous task and to succeed was absolutely amazing.

“Her energy in the water was great, she didn’t falter once. If she had her way she would have carried on!

“She has shown that at just eight years old if you set your mind to it and with great determination anything is achievable.

“I know for sure her grandparents would have been looking down on her throughout and would be so proud of her too.”

Antonietta’s mother grew up in poverty in 1950s’ Italy. Her father-in-law was also a Barnardo’s child. They inspired her family to raise money for the UK’s largest children’s charity.

She explained: “My children and I do things like this in memory of my dear mum who passed away in 2011 after a 10 year battle with crippling illnesses and my father-in -law, Frank Oxby, for the fantastic Barnardo’s Charity.

“Much of my mum’s illness, together with her tremendous courage, can be traced back to the poverty she endured as a child in the Mezzogiorno of 1950s’ Italy.

“The youngest of 10 children, of which only four survived, she begged on the streets and worked full-time at the age of five and left the family home to seek work in the big city aged eight.”

Antonietta is running the Manchester, London and Edinburgh marathons this year as well as swimming the length of the English channel (22 miles) at Active Denton.

In addition, she will be taking part in her first 100km race and the family will be doing a 20km swim.

As for Siena, she’s been bitten by the fundraising bug and asking to run her first marathon when she turns 18.