‘Spending Cuts Won’t Halt Longendale Bypass’- Andrew Bingham MP
Monday 21st December 2015 @ 09:44 by Tom Greggan

Government spending cuts won’t stand in the way of the Longdendale bypass.

That’s the message from Andrew Bingham after Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement.

The High Peak MP told the Chronicle: “I want to assure constituents – particularly in the Glossop area – that the cuts to the Department of Transport budget do not jeopardise the committed scheme for the road solution, or the ongoing consultation to extend the agreed scheme to take into Tintwistle.

“I am in regular contact with Transport Ministers to urge this project forward with the greatest possible speed, as the need is great and, in my view, ever-increasing.”

Mr Bingham also said he had received a ‘good number of emails’ on Tax Credits and conveyed High Peak people’s views to Ministers while considerations were being given to possible changes to tax credits.

He said: “I was, as were many others, surprised when he cancelled the changes completely.

“Due to better than expected economic figures it gave him some leeway and he took the decision to cancel the changes completely which I know has pleased many.

“He also decided against any reductions in police funding.

“The Opposition urged that any cuts be limited to 10 per cent, but the Chancellor has found the funds to rule out any cuts to the police budget.

“There were cuts to other Government departments which are necessary to bring the budget back into balance.”

By David Jones