Margaret Appeals for Uniforms for Kenyan School
Friday 4th December 2015 @ 10:43 by Tom Greggan

Customs officers in Kenya would get a surprise if they ever opened Margaret Trimby’s cases.

She usually takes five cases containing supplies for the school she built near Mombasa in Kenya.

Margaret, who regularly makes the trip with husband Geoff, said: “The last time it was 260 blue
t- shirts.

“I was praying the customs officers wouldn’t open the cases, thankfully they didn’t.”

Margaret and Geoff set about building what’s now called Neema School after visiting Kenya on
holiday more than 10 years ago.

They stumbled on a clearing near the village called Kikambala and saw children having lessons.

Realising they had little in the way of teaching materials they set about buying pencils and writing books.

Back home in Hadfield they decided more was needed and set about raising cash to build what’s now a fully functioning school.

But things are always needed, such as blue t-shirts.

“They are part of the school uniform which is blue and red,” said Margaret.

“Glossop schools, Dinting is one, help us by running appeals for school uniforms that children no longer need.”

Margaret bought the 260 t-shirts with cash from fund raising events.

But with money tight, she is again appealing for no longer needed blue and red uniforms from local schools.

Margaret is also looking for money donations to help the day to day running of Neema.

With teachers’ salaries to pay, meals for the children, and day to day expenses to find, a regular source of funding is vital.

Donations can be sent by text to: Neem22 £ (with the amount you want to donate) to 70070.

If you want fund raise, donate uniforms or would like more information, call Margaret on 01457 852133, or email [email protected]