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Longendale Beat the Bullies
Thursday 17th December 2015 @ 11:38 by Tom Greggan
Hyde News

Longdendale High School students were busy tackling the issue of bullying during anti-bullying week.
The school’s anti-bullying ambassadors presented assemblies during the week to all year groups, where they focused on the theme of ‘See something, say something.’

The aim was to ensure that the school continues to be a place where any bullying is rare and that any unkindness is dealt with quickly.

The assembly asked students to reflect on the difference between bullying and banter and advised students about where they can access support.

Throughout the week, there were numerous activities. Working in their tutor groups students took part in discussions about how they can support each other.

Year 11 students studied the psychology of bullying with the opportunity to hold discussions and debate relating to why people may treat others unkindly.

The week culminated with a balloon launch where the school’s anti-bullying ambassadors and ‘SMILE teams’ released blue balloons to celebrate their efforts in ensuring a caring, kind, bully-free place to learn and work, for all of their community.

Meanwhile, Friday, November 20 was Longdendale’s ‘Smile and Kindness Day’ – the theme of the day being about thanking others.

This included complimenting others on what they admire and to respect individuals qualities.

The Longdendale anti-bullying ambassadors then gave feedback to the Princess Diana Award Team in London, to update them on all the amazing work they had done since they began their roles in September.

Julie Noble who leads on the programme at the school said: “It continues to be a fantastic privilege to work with all our student anti-bullying ambassadors and SMILE Teams across the school to promote kindness and share the school message of ‘See something, say something.’

“The ambassadors have worked relentlessly in preparation for anti-bullying Week and Smile and Kindness Day, and have a calendar of events, to continue their work over the rest of the academic year, and

“We are really excited and proud about updating the Princess Diana Team in London, about the fantastic commitment from all of the school, to ensuring that Longdendale continues to be the amazing place to learn and work.”

This year’s theme was all about ‘Making a Noise about Bullying’. The message at Longdendale has certainly been loud and clear.

By Matt Hewitt