Dukinfield Blood Donor Reaches 100 Pint Milestone
Wednesday 23rd December 2015 @ 15:24 by Tom Greggan
Dukinfield News

A grandfather from Dukinfield is to be recognised by the NHS after donating 100 pints of blood.

75-year-old Mike Cahill, of Birch Lane, first donated blood in 1977 when he worked as an engineer at Tameside Hospital.

Despite retiring in 2005, Mike continued to give blood at various venues across the borough as he stepped up his donations to once every 12 weeks, the maximum allowed.

As the milestone grew ever closer, Mike was adamant he would get to 100.

“I’ve been going four times a year recently. So when I was getting towards the end, I used to scoot round,” he said, “I used to look in the Reporter for when the next one was so I used to go all round then.

“I was more determined to donate 100 pints the closer it got. When you go, they take a drop of blood from your finger and test it so that was the worst thing; waiting to make sure my blood was still OK to give!”

Mike said: “It makes me proud to have donated 100 pints of blood. They came to work and asked me would I donate and I did. They used to come round once a year so I started doing it then and it went on from that.

“I got a letter thanking me and a badge after 10 pints, then 25 a badge, then 50 a badge then 75 I got another badge and a plastic card.”

After donating his 75th pint, Mike attended a special ceremony with other donors at Old Trafford Cricket Ground where he met a man who had undergone a heart and lung transplant and thus been a recipient of donated blood.

But during his 43 years’ service at Tameside Hospital, Mike saw first-hand how vital it is. He said: “I worked on all the wards so I’d go to the antenatal ward and the women giving birth would be on blood transfusions.

“Then I’d go to the geriatric ward and the people there would be on blood transfusions so everywhere you went there was people who needed blood. It’s something they can make, they need it donated.”

Commenting on Mike’s achievement, Amanda Eccles, Senior Marketing Coordinator at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “It is at this busy time of the year, in the run up to Christmas that we would ask our donors to make and keep their appointments to donate. We need regular blood donations to help us to keep blood stocks healthy and help hospital patients this winter.

Our loyal donors, like Michael, are very special to us and are an inspiration to us all.”

Anyone aged 17-60 (up to 70 if you have given blood before) and are fit and healthy and weigh over 7st 12lbs you should be able to give blood. Call 0300 123 23 23 or visit www.blood.co.uk.