Bobby’s Boxing Clever
Tuesday 22nd December 2015 @ 09:41 by Mark Phillip

A 15-year-old boxer became the National Champion at 50kg’s earlier this month.

Bobby Faulkner secured the NABC Championship after winning the final on a unanimous point’s decision in Portsmouth.

Having envisaged the day for the past four years, the talented youngster was finally able to make his dream of lifting national silverware a reality.

Bobby – 3X ABA Northwest Champion – was backed by raucous crowd of family and friends.

Such was the magnitude of the occasion, that Bobby’s father and cornerman, Rob, had made a 560 mile trip from Scotland to see his son compete on the South Coast.

Bobby’s mother, Jennie, expressed her delight on the latest victory. She said: “Bobby feels on top of the world after being crowned the national champion earlier this month.

“It has been a long journey, travelling all over the country with his dad and coaches, Ryan and Assam.

“Bobby has a huge support system around him, which includes friends and family, and we really couldn’t be any more proud of what he’s conquered.”

2015 has been a remarkable year for the teenager in many respects.

His journey to the national final was impressive to say the least.

His first fight took place in Liverpool at the beginning of November against the Merseyside and Cheshire Champion.

A spirited performance saw Bobby rewarded with a unanimous victory.

Next on the agenda was a trip across the Pennines to Sheffield, where Bobby once again won on a unanimous point’s decision against the Yorkshire Champion.

Described as his toughest bout, the National Semi-Final was held in Bridlington against the European Champion.

In what was a closely contested fight, Bobby’s arm was raised as the winner once again, this time on a split decision.

Having been unstoppable in the lead up to the final, Bobby was brimming with confidence. Jennie said: “Bobby felt assured of himself ahead of the final.

“He was so determined to win with the whole family around him.

“Prior to the fight, I asked Bobby, “what will you do if you don’t win?”.

“He replied, “that’s not an option”, which shows how self-assured he really was.”

bobbie 3

Bobby – who studies GCSE PE at Wright Robinson Sports College – has applied to go to the AASE Boxing College in Bolton.

Despite his tender age, Bobby has sights set on becoming a professional boxer in the not too distant future.

Given what he’s achieved and the way he conducts himself, Bobby’s ambition looks more than tangible.

Jennie couldn’t agree more. She added: “Bobby truly believes that if he continues to work hard and dedicate his time to boxing, then he can become a professional boxer.

“He has applied to go to the AASE Boxing College in Bolton, but we’re still awaiting a reply from them.

“Bobby feels that college is the next step to achieving his dreams, although we do also have a backup plan in case that fails.”

February brings the ABA Championships (Amateur Boxing Association) where Bobby’s goal is to remain the English Champion.

Using his spare time to read his boxing magazine subscriptions, Bobby seems primed for even greater things.

However, with the festive season well underway, he’s taking some time to heal and recover. Jennie concluded:“Bobby is currently having a week of choosing his favourite teas and indulging in some chocolate, before returning to his diet and intense training regime.

“After the Christmas break has ended, he’ll be back training for club shows and hoping to stake a claim in the England squad.”