Mitesh Is Marathon Mad
Thursday 26th November 2015 @ 10:20 by Mark Phillip

A 29-year-old charity fundraiser completed the New York Marathon earlier this month for British registered charity, Soft Power Education.

Having successfully completed the London and Berlin marathons, Mitesh Dhimar decided to cross the pond and try his luck in the states.

The event, which is the largest in the world and courses through five boroughs of the city, attracted a good mix of club-class competitors, beginners and charity fundraisers.

Mitesh, having fallen into the latter category, decided to complete the race in a blow up sumo costume.

However, having not worn the outfit prior to the race, Mitesh, from Ashton, encountered numerous problems along the way.

“I first tried the costume on when I arrived in New York” he said.

“There were lots of problems that I hadn’t anticipated, such as carrying extra batteries to keep it inflated.

“My race number was continuously falling off, so that caused problems too.”

Despite these trivialities, Mitesh enjoyed the race none the less. He added: “The atmosphere throughout the entirety of the run was absolutely brilliant.

“I think there were around 20 thousand people watching from the side-lines.

“The support they offered, especially given how difficult the last few miles became, was totally priceless.”

During the seven hours it took for Mitesh to complete the race, the fundraiser – who has his sights set on the Tokyo marathon – was stricken down with muscular hypertrophy just under the half way mark. He added: “Both my calf muscles seized up during the 10th mile, so from that point onwards I was really struggling.

“I kept thinking to myself, ‘how am I going cross the finish line dressed in this costume?’ but I think the adrenaline took over and pushed me through the pain”

Questioned on whether he truly doubted himself, Mitesh stated: “Absolutely not. I’d have crossed the finish line even if it took me a day to complete.”

The sumo sensation had nothing but praise for the charity in which he ran for, adding: “My father completed a lot of charity work for soft power education before he passed away a few years ago.

“He was born in Uganda, and because the charity focuses its work within rural areas of the country, it kind of made sense to keep his legacy alive.”

Apart from completing the race, Mitesh also sampled some of the city’s finest delights, including trips to the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and the Rockefeller centre – the latter of which was declared a national historic landmark in 1987.

Immersing himself in typical American culture, Mitesh also attended the New York Nicks opening basketball fixture of the season. He added: “I also went to the New York Rangers ice hockey game which was similar to English football given the amount of organised chants.

“The whole trip was an amazing experience, and I even got to take part in a Halloween parade amongst thousands of other residents.”

Despite suffering from muscular bruising and jet-lag, Mitesh was delighted in what he had achieved. He concluded: “I’m in a little bit of pain at the moment so I’ve been using ice packs and frozen peas to reduce the swelling.

“Regardless of the personal enjoyment that the run provided, my ultimate goal was to raise money for my designated charity, and I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to do that.”

You can donate to Mitesh’s chairy at the following link: