Iona Appears on First Dates
Tuesday 17th November 2015 @ 12:36 by Becky Cahill
News Stalybridge
TV dater Iona McNeil spoke exclusively to the Reporter and Chronicle this week after appearing on Channel Four’s First Dates show.
The 32-year-old from Stalybridge, who works in London as an accountant, said: “I go on loads of dates in London, most from Tinder, and I always have dating stories, some heart-warming, some exciting, some hilarious. A friend joked with me and said I should apply for the show!”
Viewers watched Iona’s date with Laurence from Oxford on the programme, while also being treated to Iona’s singing and ukulele playing.
“I was very nervous beforehand,” confessed Iona, “although I am chatty and bubbly and talkative, I have a fear of public speaking. So this was a chance for me to kind of get out of my comfort zone and speak up.”
Although Laurence lives in London he is originally from Bolton. “We bonded on the fact that we were both northern,” Iona revealed.
The last viewers saw of Iona and Laurence, they had jaunted off for a second date, walking in the Oxfordshire countryside.