Derbyshire increase in sex offenders and violent criminals
Tuesday 10th November 2015 @ 12:55 by Becky Cahill

The number of registered sex offenders and violent criminals in Derbyshire is on the rise.

The increase has been revealed by the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement which works to protect individuals and communities from the risks posed by dangerous offenders.

The report shows that in 2014/15, a total of 1,384 offenders in Derbyshire were covered by MAPPA, an increase of 123 compared to last year.

There were 1,055 registered sex offenders, an increase of 78. The remaining 329 are described  as being in the ‘violent or other dangerous offender categories’.

They could have committed assault, robbery, wounding or other similar offences.

Derbyshire Constabulary Assistant Chief Constable Martyn Bates, who chairs the MAPPA strategic management board, stressed that steps were being taken.

He said: “Protecting the public from violent and sexual offenders is a key priority for agencies across Derbyshire.

“The crimes these offenders are responsible for greatly affect the lives of victims and those close to them and can in turn cause fear in local communities.

“We recognise the public’s concern about people who may present a risk of causing significant harm, and we believe that MAPPA provides the best possible framework for these people.

“Although it is never possible to eliminate that risk entirely, MAPPA aims to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to reduce the risk of further serious harm to the public.

“We take a tough approach to any increased risk offenders may present, while working hard to rehabilitate them.”

It describes how the arrangements work and explains the steps that can be taken if a person is identified as being particularly dangerous.

You can read the new report on the MAPPA section of the force website at and on the Ministry of Justice website

By David Jones