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ITV’s Dr Hilary Drops Into Ashton For Milk Day
Thursday 15th October 2015 @ 14:17 by Lee Wild
Ashton News

Pupils at Ashton’s Canon Burrows were given a real treat when ITV’s Good Morning Britain celebrity GP Dr Hilary Jones visited their school to mark the 16th annual World School Milk Day.

The visit was organised by Cool Milk and Dr Hilary was on hand to explain the benefits of milk, before answering a number of questions from eager pupils.

The afternoon began with an assembly that included a brilliant milk-themed dance from a small group of pupils that was definitely moo-sic to the doctor’s ears!

After speaking to the youngsters about the importance of milk in their diet, he was asked about his time on television, before telling and asking for some of the best (and worst) milk jokes.

However there was a serious message that Dr Hilary was keen to get over as he explained: “Milk’s
really important, it’s the nearest thing we can get to complete nutrition in a glass in a drink, and in a society where we’re probably eating far too many of the wrong things, milk can balance that out.”

By mid morning many pupils are flagging and the doctor believes that drinking milk can have a positive effect in a number of different ways.

“It’s a really good way of boosting energy levels, rehydrating children, restoring their concentration and their ability to learn,” he said.

“So educationally it’s a very useful drink.”


Cllr Ged Cooney, Tameside Council’s executive member for learning, agreed: “As an authority we see it as very important that children get their mid-morning milk.

“It not only quenches their thirst and gives them a boost of vitamins, it sets them up for the day helping them to concentrate on lessons and play outside.”

The visit clearly made a positive impression on the pupils as Canon Burrows Primary School head teacher Elaine Horridge revealed: “The children’s excitement and enthusiasm for World School Milk Day had been building and the visit by Dr Hilary has really topped it all off.

“Our school dance club performed a milk-themed dance for Dr Hilary, which he loved and was a fantastic success.

“It’s also great to be part of a global celebration, with children all over the world enjoying their school milk.

“Everyone at Canon Burrows wants to say a big thanks to Cool Milk for organising today’s activities and to Dr Hilary for being such a wonderful guest.”

The Department for Education new School Food Standards and School Food Plan states that low fat milk must be available for drinking at least once a day during school hours.

The School Food Plan encourages children to develop healthy eating habits by ensuring they get the energy and nutrition needed for a whole school day, so visits like this are a vital part of the children’s education.