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Cheerleading their Way To The United States
Monday 28th September 2015 @ 11:32 by Mark Phillip
Sports Stalybridge

The TCA Tycoons cheerleading academy is hoping to make their lifelong dream of competing in America become a reality next year.

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Having successfully qualified to compete at the Daytona Beach Competition next April, the Stalybridge based academy is currently in the process of raising the ten thousand pounds required to travel to the states.

According to Jane Wood – Founder and principle of the academy –the opportunity to compete in America is too good to miss.

Despite having to overcome such a huge financial obstacle, Jane is confident none the less. She said: “There’s been so much happening at the academy this season, and we’ve got many success stories to tell.

“We’ve been doing competitions with future cheer and ICC, which are two big event organisers in this country.

“At ICC in March, our hip hop team, Hustle, which is our youth team, and our senior team, Transonic, both competed in the hip-hop category.

“The Youth hip hop team and Transonic qualified for a place at the European Summit competition after coming first and second respectively.

“We eventually competed at the European Summit in July, and we’re really proud to say that we are now the European title holders, after transonic claimed first place.”

While Transonic took centre stage on the day, the youth hip-hop team were also in high spirits, having secured a third place finish overall. Jane added: “I’d say there were over 30 teams on the day and Transonic got the highest score, which qualified them for Grand Champions and also qualified them to win the bid to the NCA Detona bid in April next year.”

With America well within their sights, excitement is steadily building around the academy, but Jane is under no illusion of the financial task that faces her. She added: “ We have to raise approximately ten thousand pounds to get the team over to America, and it’s such an a amazing experience for our members that we’re desperately trying to fundraise by asking business and charity organisers to help make it possible.”

Equipped with more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Jane is the ideal candidate to keep the academy growing.

The former Dukinfield High School Pupil has passed her expertise onto daughter Vanessa, who, in the process, has become something of an inspirational figure.

Questioned on Vanessa’s love for the sport, Jane told us: “It took a little bit of persuading Vanessa at the very beginning, as she used to moan about having to come to classes, but her love for the academy and her passion for hip hop is insatiable.

“Vanessa coaches rascals, which is the youth hip hop team, and she also coaches hustle, which is the other youth hip hop team which came third at the Europeans

“Rogues, however, is taught by Megan James, who is another one of our brilliant coaches.

“The youngsters are just in awe of the senior team because most of them won the bid, and four out of the nine are coaches, so they’re inspirational figures in a sense.”

With over 1,000 followers on Instagram, the Academy are hoping to use social media as a vehicle for greater exposure.

And such is the popularity of social media amongst youngsters, that a new website is being designed to streamline training videos. Jane said: “We’re in the process of getting a new website, where we can hopefully streamline videos in a bid to make our learning more effective.

“We’re always looking to progress, and I think you’ve got to stay modern, because social media is the form of communication youngsters use to keep in touch with each other these days.”

The scope for advancement is clear for all to see, and while Jane has plans to reintroduce sessions for parents, as well as establish a special needs team, the focus at the moment is very much America.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – or so the old adage goes.

Fortunately for the academy, their chances of shining in America – money permitting of course – has been strengthened thanks to a trip Jane and Vanessa embarked on last year.

Recapping on the occasion, Jane said: “Im very lucky to have a creative team surround me, and we watch tons of YouTube video clips in order to draw inspiration.

“Me and Vanessa also travelled to America last year to gain an insight into different routines.

“It was a working trip really, and we managed to visit Top Gun, who are the big team in America.

“Team England and Scotland were also competing at ICU competitions for worlds at the time, and there were numerous other teams on show, including Unity All Stars, Coventry Dynamite, and Oblivion All Stars.

“We were really privileged to be invited to the gym where they were training, so that was an amazing experience as well”

A more hands-on experience lent itself to the girls. Jane added: “We also went to Detona – which is the bid we’ve won.

“Myself and Vanessa worked with the teams in the back and helped them with hair and makeup, and generally just encouraged them.

“That team are actually going out this year and offering us support, the same way we did with them, so it’s nice to know we’ve got a nice competitive sportsmanship.”

Less than seven months remain until the Dayton Beach Competition kicks off.

Those wishing to make a dream come true can get in touch with Jane through the following details:

Facebook: TCA Tycoons Cheer

Instagram: tca_tycoonscheer

Email: [email protected]