LIVE REVIEW Twin Atlantic, Manchester Albert Hall, Tuesday May 05 2015
Wednesday 6th May 2015 @ 11:42 by Max Wieland

Twin Atlantic kicked off their UK tour in spectacular fashion last night, playing in a venue that they said was made for their new album.

ALBERT HALL: Awaits for the Glaswegian four-piece in May.

ON FORM: Twin Atlantic looked at home at the Albert Hall.

With Twin Atlantic branded flags draped across the balconies of the Grade II listed Albert Hall, it also seemed like a venue that was made for them too.

The energy flowing throughout both the ground floor and the adjoining fairy light lit balconies was of a high tempo all night, even when their slow-burning songs persisted.

There was no dominating LED backdrop illuminating the Scottish four-piece like the last time they graced Manchester, but the lighting set up more than made up for a simple throwback album canvas backdrop, with their lighting pretty much touching every close corner of the Albert Hall.

“This is the one I f****d up last time in Manchester,” said lead singer Sam McTrusty, before the Glaswegians kicked into the youthful Time For You To Stand Up, the tenth song from their 21 song setlist.

A smirk and laugh from both Barry McKenna and Ross McNae pretty much told the story, but for those that missed Twin Atlantics gig at Academy 1 last October, its obvious McTrusty must have been given some stick from his bandmates for his comical but memorable mini breakdown the last time they were in Manchester.

“Manchester Could Easily Be Our Second Home”

It must be hard for the many fans spread out across the former Wesleyan Chapel to pick out a standout highlight, but the biggest reaction pre-encore undoubtedly came during I Am an Animal, where the whole venue sat down at McTrusty’s request before arising in a sea of sweat when the song kicked in for the last time.

A mass sing along ensued as usual for Crash Land as it did for the increasingly popular and dance enthusing Free, in fact, the majority of fans chanted along to almost every line of every song.

“It might sound cliché, but Manchester could easily be our second home,” said McTrusty.

“It’s crazy to play this music, in this Scottish accent, and to still hear you singing it back after eight years.”

Craig Kneale kicked off a perfect encore with an enthralling drum solo before the Glaswegian four-piece smashed through the strikingly brilliant and dirty The Ghost of Eddie, crowd pleaser Brothers and Sisters and arguably their biggest hit to date, Heart and Soul.


TWIN ATLANTIC: Instagram Photo by Max Wieland at the end of Twin Atlantic’s set.

By the time they finished their 90-minute set last night, the crowd were visibly jumping from side to side, more than matching the effort of their flamboyant and aptly named last song.

“It’s a pleasure to play in this venue, you should be proud of your city, we’d love to come back soon,” said McTrusty for the last time.

The Great Divide might have been the album made for venues such as the stunning and gothic like Albert Hall, but it’s certainly undeniable that their next album will only catapult them onto even bigger Manchester venues.

Let’s hope the 02 Apollo is ready for them.