Anthony Bardsley follows in family footsteps with new book of poetry.
Tuesday 19th May 2015 @ 11:05 by Anna Fletcher
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Reading ‘The Poems of Anthony Warren Bardsley’ almost feels like you are reading his life story, getting to know him through the pages.

Anthony has been writing poetry since he was a teenager and continues to do so despite struggling with his health. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and epilepsy, but still greatly enjoys expressing himself through his writing.

Family is a big inspiration for Anthony, who has eight brothers and sisters, though sadly his sister Florence passed away in 2002 aged 45.

He has a poem dedicated to her in the book as well as ones to his mother and father who have also passed away.

However, Anthony also gets his inspiration from his surroundings and has written about his home town Romiley quite vividly.

Though they never met, his great grandfather known as Thade Gowran or Timothy McGovern was also a prolific writer of poetry particularly ballads in his home County Limerick in Ireland.

Anthony’s proud brother John feels that Anthony has inherited their great grandfather’s gift.

Anthony has a great love for the poetry of Dylan Thomas as well as the music of Bob Dylan and is also passionate about his football team Stockport County.

One of his wishes was to see his work in print which has now been accomplished with his first anthology out now and available from Amazon, Xlibris or by contacting John on 0161 430 4506.

A poem from Anthony’s book can be found on the Poet’s Corner homepage.