Victorian Literature Workshops.
Friday 24th April 2015 @ 16:24 by Anna Fletcher
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Victorian Literature Workshops 1853.

  Elizabeth Gaskell

In 1853 Elizabeth Gaskell published ‘Ruth; Charles Dickens was at work on ‘Hard Times’ and Charlotte Bronte published ‘Villette.’


Sherry Ashworth, writer and Visiting Teaching Fellow of the Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University will lead the workshops, designed to enrich your understanding and appreciation of these books. All you need to bring is a willingness to read and to share your ideas in discussion.


How shocking did Elizabeth Gaskell intend Ruth to be? Why is Hard Times somewhat similar to Ruth? And how does Charlotte Bronte deal with the same theme of illicit love?

Wednesday 29th April 7-9pm (Ruth)

Wednesday 3rd June 7-9pm (Hard Times)

Wednesday 1st July 7-9pm (Villette)

£7.50 or £20 for the three (payable at first session). Tea or coffee included.

Booking essential 0161 273 2215 or [email protected]

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House 84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester M13 9LW.