Dad’s thanks after deportation decision
Wednesday 15th April 2015 @ 13:48 by Becky Cahill
Denton & Audenshaw News
A Tameside dad, who has been facing a serious threat of deportation to America, has thanked the community for rallying to his aid.
Robert Carl Jordan, 56, was born in the States and moved to the UK with his English mother in 1962 following the breakdown of his parent’s marriage. He was educated in Manchester and says he has worked, paying taxes, for 40 years.
When immigration officers stormed into the Bayhorse Pub in Haughton Green, Carl had been working there as a barman.
He said: “The brewery or somebody got an anonymous email saying there was someone working illegally in the pub here and the next thing I knew, several immigration officers came in to arrest me.
“They took me to Longsight Police Station and then took me to Manchester Airport and held me overnight. They told me deportation was imminent.”
Carl, dad to Nicky, 30, Matthew, 20, and Chloe, 15, was released on condition he reported to the Home Office centre in Salford every two weeks.
He said: “I went to see Citizen’s Advice. They started getting things in motion. But those channels didn’t work and letters from the Home Office wanted me to get evidence from the 1970’s, from firms that were no longer trading. Every time I tried to do something, I hit a brick wall. I was getting worried.  I was on the phone every day, talking to Citizen’s Advice, on the phone to my local MP, Andrew Gwynne.”
The MP raised Mr Jordan’s case initially with UK Visas and Immigration and then escalated it to the Minister for Immigration, James Brokenshire. The Minister personally assured Andrew before parliament dissolved that there was absolutely no question of Mr Jordan being deported.
Carl said: “In the end, I had a chat with a few friends and we decided the only thing to do was to go public. To tell you the truth I’m overwhelmed with where it’s gone.  I decided to go to the press and since then it was sorted in 10 days.”
An online petition called “Stop the deportation of Carl Jordan” received over 9,000 signatures and Carl has appeared on BBC North West Tonight and Granada Reports.
He said: “I can’t thank my friends and the whole community enough for what they’ve done.”
Carl said: “Andrew Gwynne has done a lot to help me so obviously I’m grateful to him. “
But while the news is great for Carl and his friends and family, his former employer at the Bayhorse Pub, Mike Hill, is facing a £10,000 fine for employing Carl.
Landlord at the Bayhorse Pub, Mike, has known Carl for 30 years.
There is currently a petition on “David Cameron: call on the government to revoke unfair penalty”, which so far has received over 750 signatures.
The web page states: “Michael went to school with Carl and they always remained friends. Michael was also aware that Carl had previously worked for British Rail and Royal Mail (both government owned) and with Carl having a national insurance number and tax code like all other employees then Michael had covered all the usual procedures when employing staff. British Rail and Royal mail (who previously employed Carl) have not received any fines for employing Carl.”​
Mike said: “It’s ridiculous and could’ve been handled in a different way. It’s probably cost the tax payer £10,000 up to now!”