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Monday 27th April 2015 @ 09:08 by Max Wieland

Sweet treats and fine fancies will take you on a trip down memory lane – or a trip up memory lane if you prefer.

BACK TO THE PAST: For £38 per adult and £15.00 per child.

BACK TO THE PAST: For £38 per adult and £15.00 per child.

For Hilton Manchester, Deansgate has launched a ‘Nostalgia Afternoon Tea’, available exclusively 23 floors up, in the hotel’s chic sky bar Cloud 23.

Guests can relish in the flavours of old times past, whilst reminiscing over its famous views of the city’s most stunning vista.

The sweet accompaniments include; strawberry jam tart accompanied with rhubarb and custard shot glass, corner shop 10p pic-a-mix sweets (Fruit Salads, Black Jacks, Swizzle Lolly, Jelly Beans – all served in a traditional sweetie bag), lemon sherbet macaroons, chocolate button brownie cupcakes, chocolate vermicelli scones and bubblegum milkshake.

The savoury selection includes; a peanut butter sandwich, cheese and Branston on Hovis bread, hot dog and brioche split roll, with Ketchup and crispy onions, quiche Lorraine and Mushroom Vol Au Vent.

And finally, the Hilton say that the ‘The Drumstick Fizz Wizz’ cocktail will end the experience on a high note – a long refreshing sipper to ease your mind and take you back to your childhood. Ingredients include Ketel one vodka, mixed with cranberries, blackberries and butterscotch – served with popping candy too, for a good measure of course.

FIZZ WIZZ: A refreshing cocktail which equally starts the experience on a fruity high note.

FIZZ WIZZ: A refreshing cocktail which equally starts the experience on a fruity high note as well as a finishing note.

Review, by Max Wieland.

Sat up in Cloud 23 and overlooking Manchester is always an extremely satisfying treat.

AFTERNOON GLEE:  Our reporter Max Wieland at the Hilton's aptly named Cloud 23.

AFTERNOON GLEE: Our reporter Max Wieland at the Hilton’s aptly named Cloud 23.

Sure, it is not a patch on the heights of the Shard in London or the Willis Tower in Chicago, but bear in mind that this is the tallest skyscraper in Manchester and that gives you some perspective on its exclusivity.

But despite that, there is something that puts you immediately at ease at Cloud 23., whether that is the stunning views, decadent furnishings or low key but pleasant staff, I could not tell you exactly, but what I can tell you is that their new Afternoon Tea offering only adds to the whole experience.

Standout Savoury Selection

I have been a big fan of their traditional champagne afternoon tea in the past so I was not immediately sold on the idea of their latest quirky take on a traditional offering that always simply satisfies.

But the one thing you quickly learn when at Cloud 23, whether that be through cocktails or its drink selection, in general, is that there is always a reason for their products, and they are always right.

On this occasion the story of the Nostalgic Afternoon Tea is simple enough; it is designed to relieve your childhood in a more adult kind of way. The fruity but subtly boozy cocktail helps with that.

And the reason the Hilton are always right is because, despite my first perception, they all go wonderfully together as an Afternoon Tea package.

My standout savoury selection had to be of course the hot dog and split brioche roll. As a regular customer to Manchester’s numerous ‘dirty burger/dog’ restaurants popping up all over the city, my taste buds were automatically inclined to its much more miniature brother.

Boldness and Youthfulness

The chocolate brownie cupcake was also superb as was its accompaniment – the bubblegum milkshake, which was so wrong yet so right.

Often with such large scale afternoon tea’s like this you forget to actually order the most integral part, which on this occasion I would recommend as the White Tea infused with fig. Its mellow nutty tastes and floral notes perfectly broke up the final sweet section on offer.

I am going to stick to my original thoughts that for those special occasions, Cloud 23 is a go-to choice as is its traditional Champagne afternoon tea.

But after being won over by its boldness and youthfulness, the Nostalgia Afternoon Tea is simply just too much fun to ignore.

FILL YOUR BOOTS: The Nostalgia Afternoon Tea is more than enough for two in the Hilton's chic sky bar Cloud 23.

FILL YOUR BOOTS: The Nostalgia Afternoon Tea is more than enough for two in the Hilton’s chic sky bar Cloud 23.

Cloud 23 are known to offer really well thought out speciality afternoon teas throughout the year – with a cute picnic afternoon tea due to start soon – and this was no different.

Me and my guest had such a laugh reliving old childhood tales which were somewhat buried in our memory and yet attached to random delights such as peanut butter sandwich and white chocolate mice, that I would not hesitate in heading back before the Nostalgia Afternoon Tea Menu finishes.

It is fun, it is right on the money and as always, it is in one of Manchester’s most exclusive yet unpretentious venues.

To make a reservation for “Nostalgia” afternoon tea at Cloud 23 call 0161 870 1670 or email[email protected]. Alternatively book online via – available only until May 31, 2015.