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Writers tell tales for the Christie.
Friday 27th March 2015 @ 07:53 by Anna Fletcher
Poet's Corner

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A group of women have joined creative forces to write a series of short stories to fundraise for The Christie.

Tell-Tales is a collection of 13 short stories complied by Sally Clegg from New Mills and Sharon Goddard from Marple Bridge.

The idea first came at the group’s regular post Pilate’s coffee at Libby’s Bread and Wine in Marple Bridge.

Sally remembers: “We were sitting around the table drinking coffee and we realised we all had lovely stories to tell. We made each other laugh, we made each other think a bit and we decided it would be a good idea to put these stories down on paper. The whole thing came together with us trying to entertain each other.”

There are a wide range of stories in the book from a wide range of ages from 11-years-old to 82. The youngest writers Megan Johnson and Lila Perkin were from Sharon’s book club at Ludworth Primary school.

It was decided that all proceeds raised from the book would go to The Christie and the group began to fundraise in order to publish.

Sharon said: “It became very challenging to get enough money together but the whole community came on-board.”

Sharon and Sally offered the chance for people to put the name of loved ones who had passed away from cancer on the front page of the book when they donated. The biggest struggle came trying to raise the last £200 for the book which in the end came from one donor who wished to remain anonymous.

On choosing The Christie as their recipient, Sally said: “I lost my sister to pancreatic cancer three years ago and I’ve just recently lost another friend whose artwork is in the book. Generally in our conversations it just kept cropping up that someone was going to take a friend to chemotherapy, it touches everybody’s lives at some point and we’ve got the Christie on our doorstep doing really important research and helping people to cope and that’s why we decided on that.”

The book took about a year to create and both Sharon and Sally edited it though they agree it was a much bigger undertaking than they had imagined.

The book was launched at Marple Bridge library with each donator receiving their won copy. It is £7 and available at Waterstones in Stockport.

Sharon added: “There has been such generosity of spirit, the whole community has come together and it has been a fantastic, wonderful learning experience for us and at the same time we’ve all developed as writers.”