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Sporty Kidz 4 All
Tuesday 3rd March 2015 @ 12:10 by Mark Phillip
Ashton Sports

It’s not often you’ll hear teaching assistants bemoan the lack of time spent with school pupils, but one man from Denton is proving to be the exception.

Step forward, Darran Gorman.

The sports enthusiast, who has led Russell Scott Primary School youngsters to sporting glory on several occasions, has unearthed a new found role of late.

Having worked with school children for a number of years, it appears their enthusiasm to remain active outside of school has rubbed off on the Manchester United fan.

An initiative, founded between Darran and his colleague, Andy Jenkinson, has provided local youngsters with the chance to partake in numerous activities over the school holidays.

The concept was dubbed ‘sporty kidz 4 all’ and became a reality around 12 months ago.

The idea has rapidly grown in popularity since its inception and has seen participation rates sore from 20 to 40 children within the space of a few months.

Essentially, the holiday camp provides children aged between 5 and 12 with the chance to take part in a number of fun activities that will save them from the inevitable boredom that accompanies school holidays.

Sporty kidz 4 all currently takes place at two venues and has been partly funded by New Charter Housing Trust.

Head teacher of Lyndhurst Primary School, Jane Wolfenden, has been an instrumental figure during the initiation process of the camps and was hailed by Darran for her hospitality. He said “Jane has been brilliant since the start of the camps and Lyndhurst Primary School is an excellent venue to host the camps throughout the holidays.”

The camps ethos is based on ‘social inclusion’ and with this in mind, they have made it their priority to cover a range of activities.

Never straying too far from sport, Darran, along with Andy, devote a certain percentage of time on sport related themes.

Such is the popularity of sport with the children, that a champions day has been created, which includes rugby and athletics.

For those more accustomed to culinary creativity, a chance to bake cakes and cook up treats is made available in the kitchen.

An oriental twist captivated the arts and crafts class recently, with lanterns and snakes constructed to celebrate Chinese New year.

Although there are currently two camps in use, with the second housed at Hyde Community College, Darran has ideas to expand the empire.

Detailing the reasons behind the camps, Darran said “we opened the camps to offer children a safe place to enjoy themselves throughout the holidays.

“We know how difficult it can be to find childcare at a reasonable price, so we decided to take it upon ourselves and offer a service that gives children the chance to make new friends and enjoy themselves in the process.

“At the moment we are only housed in two venues and we intend to continue with the clubs during every school holiday, subject to premise availability.”

Those wishing to find out more on the camps or secure funding for Darran should contact him on 07874653996 or alternatively you can call Andy, on 07525 455 498.