Author Neil Millington on Time for Tanechka.
Tuesday 17th March 2015 @ 08:55 by Anna Fletcher
Poet's Corner

Neil Millington


Time for Tanechka, Neil Millington’s debut novel, is an exciting journey across time and history as we follow Arthur Benjamin who discovers one of two special egg timers capable of transporting their handlers to any specific time they wish to visit or that the timer wishes them to visit.

After becoming owner to the egg timer Arthur manages to unwittingly transport Tatiana Nicolaivna, a Grand Duchess of 1918 Imperial Russia, to his sanctuary by the sea in present-day South Africa.

The book is full of well-drawn characters taken both form the writer’s imagination as well as from history itself. The book also includes Winston Peabody, a master jewel thief from 1912, who is owner to the other egg timer.

Neil said: “I’ve always loved history and what better way to add a bit of colour to it than to put some fantasy with it as well.

“Now whether it is controversial or not, the Romanov saga, well it seems now that the door is closed and that’s what happened, I don’t personally believe that and this is a way to get my thoughts across on the matter as well.”

The character of Arthur is himself in the process of writing an historical book and wants to discover the truth, so the egg timer arrives at a perfect time for him.

Though Neil’s wife can see a bit of him in all the characters in the book, Neil believes he has particularly based Arthur on himself.

He explained: “He is a little bit of me, but you do see yourself in all your characters, it’s the only way you can bring them alive.”

Neil is currently working on a sequel to Time for Tanechka to pick up some of the threads that are left dangling in this first novel.

He has always loved to write and has turned his hand to poetry and even song writing as well as the novel.

He said: “It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of time, but I’ll be honest, I really do enjoy the writing, but the reading after that is what I really enjoy.

“You have to research it, know your story well before you put it down, it gets down quicker if you know what you’re going to write about. Also just stick at it, determination and when you get the dreaded writer’s block, just keep at it because you’ll get through it.”

Time for Tanechka is available at all major retailers.