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‘Snow’ Lucky to be alive.
Friday 6th February 2015 @ 18:00 by Anna Fletcher

Tameside Animal Shelter

Tameside Animal Shelter has made an appeal to rehome an abandoned kitten after it was found close to death in the freezing conditions.

The kitten, which has been christened Lucky, was found inside a cardboard box in Hattersley.

Sadly, Lucky’s two siblings were not so fortunate and had passed away when the triplets were found.

Steven Robinson-Perry, an animal welfare officer at TAS said: “I find it absolutely disgusting that people find disposing of animals like this acceptable, it’s happening far too often.

“We’ve had it in the past so it’s obviously really upsetting to see it still happening.

“Fortunately, Lucky is doing really well now. He’s eating, he’s in a warm place and we’ve named him Lucky because he is just that!”

If you would like to register your interest in taking ownership of Lucky in two weeks’ time, you can call the Shelter on (0161) 368 3511.

– You can read the full story in the current edition (5 Feb) of the Tameside Reporter.