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Residents in terror as car hits homes
Monday 2nd February 2015 @ 10:54 by Becky Cahill
Denton & Audenshaw News

 Denton Rd

A PENSIONER has spoken of the terrifying moment a car crashed into his home nearly killing his daughter.

Eighty-year-old Dennis Simmon’s daughter had just stepped through the front door when the car smashed into the house.

“My daughter had just got in from work and the next thing it was like an explosion,” said Dennis.

“I’d just opened the door to let her in. She could have been killed. If she hadn’t just come through the door, she would have been dead. It was a very close call.”

Dennis said the driver of the car had lost control on a bend and it had sped across into the front of his home before smashing into the houses next door.

“It came across the road and completely demolished our front wall virtually to the foundations. The iron fencing was all taken down with it.

“It ran along our front wall and in so doing demolished the wall as it went along.

“It was gaining height, smashed through the wall of the house next door and then by the time it reached the third house, the car took off, knocked through the window, spun round and finished up upside-down in the middle of the road.

“The engine was about five yards away from the car. The driver in the car managed to crawl out.”

Amazingly no residents were hurt in the crash.

However, the male driver of the car, believed to be  20-years-old, sustained serious injuries and is in a stable condition in hospital.

Now Dennis, who lives on Denton Road in Audenshaw, is calling for measures to stop drivers speeding along the street.

“The car was travelling from the direction of Ashton going towards Denton. When it got to Denton Road it lost control on the bend near where the community centre used to be,” explained Dennis.

“The root cause is speed, they’re going too fast and when they get to this bend, if there’s anything parked, then they have to swerve to avoid it, and then lose control.”

Police were called to the incident at around 8.30pm last Thursday after reports that a yellow Seat Leon had flipped over in the road, having hit a black Ford Focus.

They say the car was seen travelling from the Shell petrol station on Stockport Road and then Guide Lane before the collision happened.

Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the crash to contact them on (0161) 856 8473, or alternatively via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Denton Road has a 30mph speed limit but it isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred.

“Accidents have happened three times in our case and four times to the people next door,” added Dennis.

“The house further up has had it happen to them three times.

“The number of accidents on Denton Road over the last 15 years  is very high.

“We approached the council a number of years ago because we were concerned about the situation, but nothing was done.

“Someone will get killed. It’s not if, it’s when.

“The last crash before this one was about five years ago when parents were taking children home from school.

“It was very lucky that none of them were involved.

“Whatever measures there are to restrict people exceeding the speed limit, need to be in place.

“Putting a sign up doesn’t work. There’s a camera just before the lights but it’s needed in the other direction.”

Dennis said he has already spoken to Denton and Audenshaw MP Andrew Gwynne about the problem.

“He said he’d do what he could to try and improve things.

“I’m concerned for my family when they’re coming in and out of the house and also for people taking their children by the houses.”