Going back to the future to help those with dementia.
Sunday 8th February 2015 @ 12:02 by Anna Fletcher
Ashton News


Age UK Tameside are celebrating after the refurbishment of their building in Ashton.

Every room on the ground floor of the Katherine Street complex has been refurbished.

The aim was to make the rooms more friendly for sufferers of dementia.

There is clearer signage plus bright internal lighting that mimics natural daylight, helping those who have experienced a loss of sight.

One big change is the addition of a reminiscence room, aimed at those with dementia. The room is decorated in the style of a 1950s living room, right down to the fireplace and armchairs.

Bernadette said: “It’s so cosy and comfortable, I remember that 50s décor myself, the velvet curtains and fireside armchairs.

“It’s about creating an environment where people can look back on their life and talk about their life.

“Often people with dementia may lose their short term memory, but their long term memories stay with them and it is very helpful to be able to look back on where people have come from.”

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