Joanne Shaw Taylor brings the Dirty Truth to Manchester.
Wednesday 5th November 2014 @ 10:38 by Anna Fletcher


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Photo Credit: James Rowland.


Last night (wed 4th Nov)blues rock guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor came to the Royal Northern College of music. If the name is new to you, then I demand you go and buy her album The Dirty Truth (or any of her albums for that matter) right now.

The show itself had a few hiccups including the fire alarm going off after her second song and everyone being ushered outside while the building was checked, but as soon as we were back inside and seated the show started in earnest and the irony of her next song being ‘Watch and Burn’ from the White Sugar album was not lost on the crowd.

I had heard that Shaw Taylor was good live, but she came onto stage and blew the word ‘good’ out of the water. For starters her voice is incredibly unique, smoky and raw and she means every note that she sings.

Her guitar comes across as an extension of that passion and at times her fingers were moving so fast they became a blur, one day Shaw Taylor’s name will be spoken out loud with some of the greats for sure.

Her support, Bernie Marsden, former Whitesnake guitarist, was also fantastic bringing real personality to the stage, but when the two played together, the audience really saw something special.

I have no other phrase to describe it than they made their guitars speak to each other in a series of solos which I am pretty sure were completely improvised and it was a joy to see.

So in conclusion if you are still in the dark about Joanne Taylor Shaw, then go enlighten yourselves, start with the brilliant ‘Mud Honey’ off her current album and if you ever get the chance to go and see this woman live, the only thing coming out of your mouth should be yes!