Juniors overjoyed with Life Saving Equipment
Saturday 25th October 2014 @ 14:36 by Mark Phillip
Football Sports Stalybridge

Stalybridge Celtic Juniors were gifted a piece of life changing news last Saturday – literally – as the youth set up were honoured with a defibrillator.

The defibrillator cheque is presented on the pitch

The defibrillator cheque is presented on the pitch

The complex piece of machinery came to prominence two years ago, when Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack during Bolton Wanderers FA Cup tie with Tottenham.

The lifesaving piece of equipment shocked the 26 year olds heart back into action, saving him from an untimely death.

With similar scenarios occurring up and down the land, decisive action was taken by the football association to prevent further tragedy’s arising.

Joining forces with the British Heart Foundation, the FA established a £1.2m defibrillator fund with the intention of helping save lives in England’s football clubs and communities.

And it was a similar philosophy that spurred the Stalybridge Carnival Committee into action.

Their efforts, coupled with the Historical Society and Stalybridge Labour Party, raised enough funds to buy the equipment.

Speaking to the Reporter about the fundraising efforts, Nigel Hobson detailed his reasons for assisting the fundraising.

He told us “I became involved with the club in February when my late father passed away. He was the previous organiser of the carnival.”

Nigel alludes to club stalwart David Hobson, whose commitment and passion for the club has been rewarded with a commemorative shield in his name.

The Player of the Month award is a poignant reminder of a man that gave his all for the Bower Fold Club.

Nigel declared his delight on the money that was raised and said “It’s absolutely brilliant that money has been raised to help the junior teams in this manner and we strongly believe it’s a worthy cause.

“In view of things that are happening on the field, it’s important we do our best to help prevent further misfortune.”

The Stalybridge Carnival Committee contributed £100 to the cause, with the total fundraising efforts generating £750.

The funds were raised during this year’s Carnival, in which the parade and street collection amassed a staggering total.

The Carnivals efforts were paralleled by that of the Historical Society and Stalybridge Labour Party, who generated money in their own respected ways.

The former, spearheaded by Councillor Kevin Welsh, is a regular face around Bower Fold and joined the club with their movember fundraising efforts a few years ago.

Chairman of the Juniors, Garry Pearce, lauded the defibrillator and thanked those who had made it a reality. He told the Reporter “The idea was instigated by Club Physio Dave Pova who’s been instrumental in getting the donations to us.

“The defibrillator is an insurance policy and hopefully one we’ll never have to use, but I’m sure if a situation ever does occur then we’ll be more than thankful to those who’ve helped.”

Club Coach Liam Whitehead echoed Garry’s sentiments and stated “
The good news comes just two weeks after the unveiling of the clubs state-of-the-art soccer Centre, which was opened by lifelong fan Lord Tom Pendry.