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The Learner Driver.
Monday 11th August 2014 @ 10:00 by Anna Fletcher
Poet's Corner

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The roads are busy enough today,
Without more L-drivers making their way.
Oh! there goes another one passing me by.
I’m shaking so much I feel I could cry.
“Look, listen and signal” my instructor demands,
But all I can see are my shaking hands.
“Get out of the middle lane, slow down you’re too fast,
There’s an angry young man who wants to get past”.
“Don’t overtake on a double white line ,
Keep it steady you’re doing just fine”.
I look from my window, an old man passes by,
I think, if he can do it then why can’t I?.
Mary next door passed her test at seventeen,
She drives round in her Mini as if she were Queen.
“Brake” shouts my instructor, my heart goes thump,
My mind was wandering “we nearly had a bump”.
I wish I was anywhere but here where I am,
Stuck in the middle of a long traffic jam.
My instructor calms down, there’s not much he can do,
Oh dear! I wish I could go to the loo.
Off we go again, well nearly, we come to a halt,
“You’ve stalled it again, it’s all your fault.”
I get out of the car, I’m shaking inside,
My legs feel like jelly, my eyes open wide.
Next week we’ll go out on the road for a lesson,
A change from a simulator session.

Mrs Marguerite Moss