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The Invasion of the IMAX-inator
Thursday 10th July 2014 @ 16:18 by Charlotte
Ashton Entertainment

The large picture cinema format IMAX, known for innovative projection technique, is set to hit Tameside cinema-goers today (Thursday), when it launches in the 14-screen Ashton multiplex, Cineworld.

The cinema, opened on Ashton Moss in 1994, is getting the Canadian cinematic technology installed and the first film set to be shown in 3D is the latest Micheal Bay instalment of the Transformers blockbuster: Age of Extinction. The format gets its name (Image MAXimum) from the size of film it uses. Rather than using the traditional film size of 35mm, it goes 4times larger and employs 70mm sized film which is projected on to a screen around 72ft wide and 53ft tall.


When the industry wanted to get a more visually exciting experience for the viewers, many ideas were put forward. In the 50s, CinemaScope and VistaVision used traditional film but projected it wider using a special type of lens. Another idea came from Fred Waller and his ‘Cinerama’, one was installed in Bradford, whose format involved using three cameras, three projectors and screens made of narrow strips of material. This proved cumbersome and rather difficult to install and make films in, due to the need of three cameras, and the separation needed between them. Zooming in on something was virtually impossible too.
Poster for Transformers: Age of ExtinctionWhen IMAX first launched in the 70s, the expense of the super-sized technology meant that early films could only afford to run around an hour – however it was easier to film with one camera than Cinerama was – but with newer technology and digital theatre becoming more prominent, the cost has been significantly reduced allowing for longer films.

The population of Tameside faces its battle with the Dinobots today when they land at 8:40PM in Screen 7.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is rated 12A.