Martin Edwards talks about The Frozen Shroud his new novel out now.
Thursday 10th July 2014 @ 13:46 by Anna Fletcher
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Martin Edwards

Martin Edwards latest novel ‘The Frozen Shroud,’ part of his Lake District Mysteries, has just been released in paperback. He sat down with us for a chat about his many novels and what writing means to him.
Martin was a full time solicitor until a couple of years ago when he decided to go part time. He is hoping soon he can go down to working two days a week to allow him to focus more time on his writing.
‘The Frozen Shroud’ took about 15 months to write and is set in Ravenbank, a remote Lake District community as DCI Hannah Scarlett tries to solve the murder of a woman that resembles a crime from long ago.
Martin has just finished a blog post on where his ideas come from and said: “They can come from anything really, you just pick up ideas as you go along. You can go to a particular place for an idea, for example, I went to Ravenbank and it gave me an idea for a story in that part of the world. I thought it had a sort of mystery about it so that’s where it came from. Ideas come from all sorts of places.”
Martin has tried his hand at many different types of crime novels from many different perspectives. His Liverpool novels are based around lawyer Harry Devlin, though it is not autobiographical and Devlin is a criminal lawyer as opposed to Martin’s solicitor background.
He said: “I’ve steered away from being autobiographical. I’ve written quite a lot of factual books and of course if you’re writing those you’ve got to stick to the facts, but the exciting thing about fiction is that it’s liberating, you can use your imagination so it’s not particularly interesting in fictional terms to write about yourself necessarily.”
One of Martin’s earlier books, ‘Take My Breath Away’ has just been released onto Kindle which Martin is excited about.
He said: “It was a book I worked very hard on and that went through many versions, but it didn’t sell as well as the other books. I still think it’s an interesting book and I’m really glad it has come out on kindle at long last, I’m pretty excited about that, often I think e-books can give fresh life to a book.”
Martin’s advice for aspiring writers is to keep at it.
He said: “I think you do it because you really love words and you love writing, so you do it because you want to and you like creating stories. Start writing and don’t worry too much about it then you can always work at it once you’ve got something there. If you don’t write anything you can’t improve it, if you do write something you can always revise it and edit it and make it better.
“My books go through many drafts before they’re finalised and I think that’s quite common for published writers. I think it’s important to be able to work on a story and make it as good as you possibly can.”